Month: February 2020

29 Days

Wherein we post our final installment.

I wish I had something profound to impart on this final February post, but I don’t. In lieu of anything more substantial, here is a list of things I didn’t finish: Preschool (I quit Headstart) High school (I have a GED) College (wow, is that a pattern? oh, dear) American

29 Days

Wherein we acknowledge the home stretch.

Houston has a “boil water” notice in effect due to a water main break — and I’m worried about the coronavirus, so this anxious person is maybe a little on edge right now. However, I’m pleased to report that I’ve followed through with my blogging intentions this month. I’ve typed

29 Days

Wherein we confess our sins.

Bless me internet, for I have sinned. I very briefly parked in a fire zone at the library today because I had been waiting for 15 minutes for a parking spot to open up. Three other cars were circling the lot, and I had too much to do to wait

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