Wherein we post our final installment.

I wish I had something profound to impart on this final February post, but I don’t. In lieu of anything more substantial, here is a list of things I didn’t finish:

  • Preschool (I quit Headstart)
  • High school (I have a GED)
  • College (wow, is that a pattern? oh, dear)
  • American Gods (book version — sorry, Thumper, I tried three times)
  • “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (TV version — I never finished watching season 7)
  • November Nanowrimo (every year I’ve attempted, save one)

You can see that I am a determined quitter, but not on this blog project. I did it!

Twenty-nine posts in twenty-nine days is a lot. Also, I hated the royal “we” by the third post title and sincerely regretted that choice. I don’t regret all of the posts, though — even the dumb ones. I’m glad I did it. It also spurred me to send one of my nearly-defunct newsletters today.

Merry Leap Day to us all!”