Wherein we have a number of random thoughts.

  1. I realized the other day that something I was writing was technically a “period piece” because it was set in 1986. I’m not saying that made me feel old, but it made me feel something.
  2. Today I finally bought a ridiculous book about UFOs that had been on my Amazon wish list for over four years. Because ALIENS.
  3. What if you’re a mess, but not a hot mess? What if you’re a tepid mess? Or a room temperature mess?
  4. FYI: There are karaoke versions of “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” so you can personally torment people who’ve never even seen the show.
  5. Can everyone take a moment to STOP SHITTING all over the second Mrs. de Winter in Rebecca? I’m so sick of the postmodern reimaginings and literary tongue-lashings. She got what she wanted; it’s a happy ending. Let her have it!
  6. I found this passage in my notes app, but I have no idea which project I wrote it for: “She was one of those women with pinched features and an incongruently round face, her small eyes appearing even smaller due to heavily applied black eyeliner. You can imagine her standing at a party in college, wearing a bubblegum pink tank top and white jeans, sipping light beer all night, hating it, hating all the other partygoers, smirking and disparaging lesser beings with the other catty girls. You could see them in your mind’s eye, those imaginary tanned, young harpies with limbs both strong and rounded, their carefully neutral lips dripping the acid of comfortable derision.”