Wherein we acknowledge the home stretch.

Houston has a “boil water” notice in effect due to a water main break — and I’m worried about the coronavirus, so this anxious person is maybe a little on edge right now. However, I’m pleased to report that I’ve followed through with my blogging intentions this month. I’ve typed a bunch of meaningly nonsense these last weeks, but more importantly, I’ve gotten in the habit of writing almost every day again. That’s what all of this was secretly about: Low stakes habit creation.

I’ve missed writing regularly. It’s obvious to say so, but I don’t produce much when I write casually. As I’ve focused more on writing novels, I’ve realized it’s also harder to hold onto a complex story when approached so haphazardly. (Even with a good outline!) I need the day-to-day continuity, even if I can only devote a minimal amount of time on some days. I can skip a day or even two at a stretch, but more than that and I lose momentum. I may have finally learned that lesson this month, even if I wrote more for this blog than on any of my other current projects.

Tomorrow will be the last of these 29 posts, though I’ve enjoyed the experiment.