Wherein all of our parcels are misdelivered.

I know that postal workers are not treated well and that Amazon workers are both mistreated and poorly paid, but like everyone else I just want to get the things that I’ve ordered — preferably when they’re supposed to arrive.

I’ve had at least five packages go at least temporarily AWOL since November.

Some of these packages must have had stories to tell. One was initially delivered to a different apartment complex, then found its way to me over a month later. I received an Amazon delivery confirmation for another package, complete with a picture of the door where it was left, only it wasn’t my door. Just last week, I got a delivery confirmation that a package was “left in the mailroom.” My apartment complex doesn’t have a mailroom. One of the complex managers contacted me several days later to pick the package up, as it had been found by one of the maintenance workers in the laundry room.

The laundry room is not a mailroom, if I may point out the obvious.

Sure, I may rely too much on mail order — and yes, I know that Amazon is problematic. But there aren’t always local shopping options, even in a large city. Brick and mortar retail is close to dead, and I don’t have the energy to drive all over town trying to find the one unscented shampoo I can tolerate.

I could rent a post office box somewhere that accepts parcels (like a UPS Store), and I could opt to only pick up Amazon packages at one of their locker locations, but the former is expensive and the latter is inconvenient. One could argue that I should stop buying things, but my needs and wants don’t disappear just because the systems we rely on no longer function well.

Welcome to late capitalism, I guess.