Wherein we are the dreamer.

I don’t usually delve into “Twin Peaks” fan theory because it’s guaranteed to be a fruitless endeavor. It’s all a game of pareidolia and apophenia: Fans create patterns out of unrelated details and then extrapolate from there, building their houses on quicksand.

There is, as far as I can tell, no underlying cohesion in “Twin Peaks.” This doesn’t detract from my personal enjoyment; the chaos enhances it. If we are the dreamer, the show is the dream — and like a dream, it only has a private meaning in the dreamer’s mind. Allow it, like a dream, to flow over you, flow through you, and perhaps become a part of you.

Watching “Twin Peaks” can be like listening to music in a foreign language: You can appreciate the beauty of it — even be moved to tears — and only catch a familiar word or two. The emotional experience is more important than understanding the lyrics.

And if I’m waxing poetic in this way, it must be time for a re-watch.