Wherein we confess our sins.

Bless me internet, for I have sinned. I very briefly parked in a fire zone at the library today because I had been waiting for 15 minutes for a parking spot to open up. Three other cars were circling the lot, and I had too much to do to wait another 15 minutes. I spent approximately 4 minutes inside, but I know it was wrong — as well as being the kind of parking lot impropriety that makes Lennox incandescent with rage.

I shouldn’t have gone to the library when I was pressed for time; I know how it is there. This branch has far more use than the library system planned for, and perpetual underfunding means the building is only open a limited number of hours — only four on Fridays and Saturdays. But I missed my comfortable window last night and had no choice but to go today.

I won’t make a habit of this, I promise. I mean, if I feel this guilty about it, I’m pretty unlikely to be a repeat offender.