Wherein we shout into the void.

I tend to dither over a first post, inflating its importance in my mind until I’m paralyzed with anxiety and perfectionism, then procrastinating until I never use the blog at all. I’ve decided to throw that out the window this time around and jump in with no preparation. Take that, perfectionism.

I may or may not transfer the content from CodeNameSarah to this new space, but until then, I’m going to post something small every day in February. Just for kicks.

I went to tea with a new writer friend today and had a great time. She’s married to an actor I’ve worked with, and I recently beta-read her latest novel (which just got picked up by a “legitimate” agent, allowing me a vicarious thrill). Writing is such a solitary pursuit most of the time that it’s always fun to chat with someone as obsessed with the process as I am.

A good Saturday.

(Welcome to the isles of blogging, and all that.)

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