MMXX: September.

I’m cool with this weird owl, but the squirrel, rabbit, and children freak me out. We’re moving into the spooky season, so it seemed appropriate.



I continued working on my Coursera class. I’m almost finished!


I finally got some sewing done in September. I made a few more face masks, finished a very old pair of abandoned trousers from my scrap box, and made an experimental Seamwork Ace t-shirt. I made some pretty tasty black bean breakfast tacos (with Egg Beaters, as I still cannot eat real eggs) and a nice loaf of low-fat and gluten-free pumpkin bread. I’ll make the bread again; I didn’t get the spices quite right the first time.


I didn’t write very much in September; I think I spent too much time sewing. I got a bit written here and there and edited a short story I wrote last year. My biggest disappointment was that I didn’t get my newsletter sent out, as I had finally gotten on a regular schedule. Tiny Letter flagged me as a spammer (I have no idea why and they never told me), and it took quite a while to get that sorted out.


I spent time on the phone with my Dad, Step-Mom, and Thumper — and texted pretty much everyone and their dog! I also spent more time on Instagram than I had in a while, and had some great DM convos with far-flung friends. (Say that five times fast.)


I meant to replace a few things in the bathroom, but only managed to replace a worn-out scrub brush. Maybe next month!


My Personal Spending
I spent a lot in September — a lot — definitely more than I’d intended. My sewing spending was off the charts: I bought two patterns, some expensive fabric (pricey even with the gift card I used to offset part of the cost), and a pair of duck-billed scissors. I also spent more than I’d intended on clothing, though I was a little bit desperate, as I no longer had any pants that fit. I bought two pairs of pants on eBay (one didn’t work, so I will likely resell it) and a pair of stretch jeans from Eileen Fisher Renew. I spent much less than usual on books, but it’s not like that made up for the rest.

August Budget / Actual Amount Spent
Books $25.00 / $14.94
Audiobooks $25.00 / $24.29
All Sewing $35.00 Planned / $109.62
Clothing $50.00 Planned / $86.96

Household Spending
We blew the budget here, too, though all of the extra money we spent was on medical and dental care. Next month will also have large dental and medical bills. Thank goodness we have savings.

How I saved money in September:

  • I downloaded an Amazon First Reads title.
  • I downloaded a free Kindle book.
  • I downloaded a free graphics set from Creative Market.
  • I read 17 ebooks from the library.
  • I listened to two Audible titles I already owned and had listened to at least once before.

How I made money in September:

  • I cashed a small check earned by taking surveys.
  • I finished a QuickBooks review project and was paid immediately.
  • I continued working through the backlog of administrative tasks for my day job and got a regular client up-to-date.

I still don’t have a final diagnosis, but I got my first long-postponed medical test out of the way this month. (Can you believe it?) I also had an emergency root canal! September was expensive. I have a follow-up with my GI in October and another two dental appointments to finish up my crown. I sent in an audition video to Revels Cambridge to be part of their “Zoom chorus,” as they’re doing an online holiday show this year due to the pandemic. I should hear whether I was chosen in October — but even if they don’t put me in the chorus, my video will be included as an “audience member” in the sing-along numbers. I’m glad I’ll get to continue participating, even in this limited way; it had already become my tradition after only two years. I have my Zoom Halloween tea party to look forward to in October, and will probably watch a ton of horror movies on Shudder! Spooky season is my favorite time of the year, after all.