February 2021.

February was a short but eventful month, so I’ll keep the wrap-up equally brief.

February 2021


I worked a bit more on the vegan cooking class I’ve been auditing.


I sewed a pair of All Well Studio Pants, took in a t-shirt I bought on clearance, made a Seamwork Ace tee, finished a lounge tee from my scrap box, and made a slow start on another round of Seamwork’s Design Your Wardrobe course. It was a good month for sewing!


I wrote nothing. I didn’t even send my newsletter.


It was a pretty good month for communication, with phone calls, texts, and IMs almost every day.


Thankfully, we survived the big ice storm, though it exposed some weak spots in our emergency kit. Our crank radio was broken, and we still have no way to heat food or water without electricity, so I will need to come up with solutions before hurricane season.


My Personal Spending
I didn’t go overboard! I temporarily lowered my book and audiobook budget and managed — to my astonishment — to stick to it. I plan to spend extra on fabric in March (as a birthday present to myself), but my clothing budget should return to normal after this.

February Budget / Actual Amount Spent
Books $10 Planned / $8.62 Spent
Audiobooks $10 Planned / $5.40 Spent
All Sewing $25 Planned / $12.75 Spent
Clothing $200 Planned / $200.90 Spent

Household Spending
We spent a lot on my healthcare in February but managed to stick to the new spending targets on most other household categories, so I consider it a success.

How I saved money in February:

  • I finished downloading the Bridgerton soundtrack from the library’s Freegal service.
  • I downloaded two free Kindle books and an Amazon First Reads title.
  • I read 10 ebooks and 2 physical books from the library. That second library card is really helping.

How I made money in February:

  • I billed out a large project for one client and a small consultation fee for another.

My big news is that I finally had surgery in late February. I won’t know for a while yet if I’ll be able to eat more normally again, but so far, I’m healing well, and I’m hopeful. Things happened very quickly after I finally got a diagnosis! Now I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get a vaccine with equally impressive speed.