Tee of the Month Club: April’s Boat Neck Anegada.

I chose the Boat Neck Anegada from Halfmoon Atelier as my April t-shirt. I finished sewing it right under the line on the afternoon of the 30th. I was dragging my feet because I had reservations about the tee, but I had committed to cutting it out, so I figured I should finish it.

It’s wearable. I don’t think it even “looks” bad; it was just that the pattern had a couple of my sewing pet peeves. I wouldn’t have purchased it if I had known about these things in advance. It has cut-on-the-fold sleeves with an identical curve in the front and back, and it instructs you to trim an already cut piece for a specific view. Both of those are usually deal-breakers for me. I shortened everything by a lot (it’s another one of those very tall fit models) and made a 2″ FBA. I do like the rolled neckline — I just wish I had franken-patterned it to a better-fitting t-shirt.

The designer has since expanded her sizing, but this is one of her earlier designs from a less-inclusive size range. I don’t usually sew patterns without inclusive sizing, even though I currently fit into many indie companies’ smaller size ranges. I feel like I compromised my ideals here, and it wasn’t even worth it! I regret making this tee, honestly.

Though that fabulous neckline seduced me, I don’t recommend this pattern.

Current measurements at time of photo: Upper bust 37″, full bust 41.5″, waist 35″, hips 45.5″, bra size 36D.

Approximate cost: $11.20 for the pattern and $27.50 for the fabric, a beefy cotton-spandex blend purchased from Girl Charlee a long time ago. I still have about 1.5 yards left, so I should be able to get another top out of it. All thread was on hand.

Time spent: The sewing was super fast, but all of my pattern alterations took a while. I think I spent about 2.5 hours total on this top.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars