Tee of the Month Club: September’s Blanc Tee.

September’s selection is the Blanc Tee from Blank Slate Patterns, which is free with any other pattern purchase there (or with a Facebook signup, I think).

I made a size L graded to an XL at the hip and cropped it by removing 4 inches total from the length. I made this tee specifically to layer under other things, so I wanted a proper high hip length rather than a traditional t-shirt length or a crop top. I can tuck it in if I want, but no one gets blinded by my clown white midriff if I don’t.

My main complaint about this pattern is that it calls for a bias tape binding on the neckline. I purchased the Blanc pattern expansion pack, mistakenly thinking that it included the knit neckband piece. However, it’s only available through the Facebook group, and since I’m not on Facebook, I had to draft my own neckband. However, I do like the kind of odd neckline shape, which is a sort of rounded V. I chose this pattern specifically for the neckline, as it really is just a basic tee with cut-on sleeves — and there are plenty of those to choose from.

I added matching knit bands along the sleeve hems, too.

The fabric was taken from an old Universal Standard knit dress that I wasn’t comfortable reselling as I had done a messy alteration on it when it was new. But the fabric was a super soft, high-quality knit, so I’m glad I could repurpose it.

This pattern isn’t terrible or wonderful. It has a unique neckline, but that same neckline calls for a weird binding. You have to jump through hoops to get a missing pattern piece. The size range is okay, but not as inclusive as others. I got a basic layering tee out of it, which is all I was looking for, but I wasn’t wowed.

Current measurements: Upper bust 36″, full bust 40.5″, waist 34.5″, hips 45″, bra size 36DD.

Approximate cost: The pattern was free, and I used fabric upcycled from a ready-to-wear dress that no longer fit. All thread was on hand, so the only cost was my time and labor. (And the printer ink and recycled paper I used to print it if we’re being really nit-picky.)

Time spent: This t-shirt took me 2 hours and 29 minutes from start to finish.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars (the “meh” rating)