September and October 2021.

I’m running very late with this wrap-up post again, so I’m not going to stress over its slapdash nature. I’m legitimately busy for the first time in a long time, and I’m struggling a bit with feelings of overwhelm.



I made good progress on my Canva training course and should complete it soon.


I made two t-shirts (one isn’t on the blog yet) and finished sewing an upcycled Fibre Mood Julia jacket, which was one of my Design Your Wardrobe projects. I know I baked several things, but I forgot to write them down!


I sent out my new newsletter on its regular schedule, and I did some prep for NaNoWriMo in October.


In September, I attended a Zoom birthday party for my Mom’s best friend (my honorary aunt). It wasn’t online only due to coronavirus, but as a way to get a bunch of people together from three separate states! I know you can Zoom too much, but it works well for long-distance gatherings. I finally got to see my writer friends in person in October — for the first time since February 2020. We had a Halloween picnic instead of my usual annual Halloween tea party, and it was great fun.


I replaced the knob on the lid of our rice cooker after it broke off. (True story: It fell out of the cabinet and onto my head. I broke the rice cooker lid on my head.) The replacement knob worked well and was only $6. It wasn’t really about the money, though. It was more about keeping a still-functional appliance out of the landfill.


My Personal Spending
September was typical, but I went way over my budget in October. It was one of those months where I spent a lot on clothing. I was so rushed by the end of the month that I don’t even have shameful totals to share here!

Household Spending
We’ve been spending a little less thoughtfully over the last couple of months. I haven’t felt pressured to track our spending so closely as our income rebounded. (I was too pressed for time to get the category totals together, anyway.) I will need to keep up with my tracking to adjust the budget in the future, though, so I’ll be back at it soon.

How I saved money in September and October:

  • I redeemed survey points for an Amazon gift card, which I promptly spent on ebooks (as always).
  • I had a free drink on my Starbucks card.
  • I had a free burrito bowl from Freebirds.
  • I successfully argued against an added fee with our landlord and had the charge removed. It wasn’t significant (only $15), but I submitted the required document THREE times — and was penalized for their inability to process paperwork on time.
  • I don’t have exact totals, but I read a lot of library books! I always do. The library is made of magic.

How I made money in September and October:

  • I did another Quickbooks Online consultation.
  • I finally got an overdue client to pay in full.
  • I worked some extra hours at my regular job in October.



I feel bad to post such an incomplete wrap-up, but I figured that posted was better than perfect. November is rushing by so quickly! I hope I can keep up.