April 2022.

Wow, that was fast. It felt like April lasted about 5 minutes. Sure, they were stressful minutes. But they were brief!


Quarterly goals are on hiatus for the moment.
My partner and I are currently working on something that is eating every bit of my free time right now. I’ll post new goals when the dust has settled. I’m not posting any public details yet as I don’t want to jinx anything. Don’t worry; I’ll overshare eventually!


I missed sending out A Little Better two weeks in a row, which made me feel pretty rotten, though I’m back on schedule now. I worked out a way to do a few catch-up posts for Bombastic Frippery, so I can still make its “52 issues in 52 weeks” goal. I also posted a new nanofic on Ello.


We saw our families a bunch in April! We had lunch with my partner’s family, I made a special birthday lunch for my Mom, and we also went to an art opening with her later in the month. I spent a good bit of time on the phone, too. Sometimes I forget that it does more than text! Heh.


I ordered an adorable cat face laundry basket which is helping to keep the bedroom tidier. The decluttering continues slowly, though we’ll need to pick up the pace this month.


My Personal Spending
I snapped and spent eleventy billion $$$ on books (okay, around $100), $137.02 on clothing, and $48.38 on sewing in April. I definitely spend more when I’m stressed out, but I haven’t spent that much on books in a single month in years!

Household Spending
We were almost $100 under budget on grocery spending in April, as I’ve been meal planning around our stored food to “eat down” the pantry and freezer before we move. We spent a little more on restaurants than usual, so some of that savings balanced out, but it was a pretty good month between the grocery costs and minimal household spending.

How I saved money in April:

  • I had a free burrito bowl at Freebirds.
  • I downloaded a free Kindle book.
  • I had a free drink on my Starbucks card.
  • I didn’t buy a much more expensive Bluetooth speaker when the one I wanted was out of stock.
  • I “re-read” three Audible titles I already had, read four ebooks and one physical book from the library, and read two free Kindle books. (And those low library numbers explain how I spent so much money on books last month!)

How I made money in April:

  • I did an end-of-year QuickBooks review for an occasional client.
  • I did a consultation on a weird state unemployment issue (employer-side).
  • My client with the oldest outstanding invoices paid in full!
  • I worked a few extra hours at my day job and got a raise.

I finally quit Twitter for good at the end of April. Certain news items were the last straw, frankly. I doubt I’ll miss it much. May looks like it will be a little challenging, so I’m focusing on self-care and stress relief. Things will settle down eventually.