Author: Sarah L. Crowder

  • I guess I’m a croissant now?

    They say the backbone of a good newsletter is consistency, and I haven’t been able to deliver that recently. Little workaday setbacks have been throwing me off more seriously than they normally would. Am I burned out? Maybe. But I think what’s happening is slightly different and a little more insidious. I’m a little overwhelmed,… Continue reading

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    The Devil’s in the Details

    Harold gulped down the strange breakfast cereal Greta had insisted was his favorite as he studied a row of snow-covered shapes in the backyard. “Where did the flower beds go?” he asked. “Those shrubs weren’t there before the storm.” Greta’s impatient fingers pulled him away from the frosted window. “Let frozen dogs lie, Harry. You’ll… Continue reading

  • jack reacher is a giant freak

    This may seem out of character, but I love Jack Reacher. I’ve read most of the books and I also enjoy the Prime series. To me, Jack (No Middle Name) Reacher is an endlessly fascinating cultural artifact. First of all, the Reacher novels are written by a British guy (and, more recently, his brother). Sure,… Continue reading