What I’m doing now


All of those vaccine holdouts are why we can’t have nice things. Now I get to decide whether I’m willing to risk my literal life to perform in a show that looked safe to do 6 weeks ago. FML.


My new newsletter, “A Little Better,” is going fairly well. But I’m pondering my next fiction project now.


I just finished my new favorite t-shirt. I could expound on that, but I won’t. (There’s already a post.)

day job

I was on top of everything, and now I’m not. Is the work cyclical, or am I competent only cyclically? I have no idea.

Other stuff

I’ve been mad as hell at the state of the world as I watch the infection rate explode again. Are we incapable of learning simple lessons? The virus doesn’t give a shit about your politics. It doesn’t like masks or vaccines, though. [*slams head against desk*]

(Updated 5 August 2021.)