What I’m doing now

never leaving the house again

I’m not even sure I’m sad about this anymore. As a mostly (maybe not still) recovered agoraphobe, I have issues with the outside world. And now it’s…how it is.


What even are words? All I have are good intentions and zero follow-through at this point.


I’ve been too sick to sew, but not with the ‘rona, so don’t panic. I’ve completely missed out on Me Made May this year, though — and that really bummed me out.

day job

I have a stack of scanning piled up that would make an intern weep with boredom, and I have to do it myself. But I’m not too behind other than the scanning, so I’m going to count this as a win.

Other stuff

I’m dealing with some mysterious health stuff (not the virus and not something truly dire, as I remind myself daily), so most of my energy is going toward that right now. I have more medical tests in my future, but I’ve been feeling more myself this last week — I hope that continues.

(Updated 27 May 2020.)