What I’m doing now


It’s pretty funny that when I’m asleep I have dreams about just going to a grocery store or talking to people without masks or great distance between us. The other night I dreamt that I ran into Fran Drescher and proceeded to tell her all about how much I loved the costuming on “The Nanny,” which I knew full well she was not responsible for but is probably exactly how I would make a fool of myself in real life were such a thing to occur. (In my defense, the costuming was chef’s kiss perfection, though. Just saying.)


I’m still working on my serial and a new short story.


I’m still too sick with my mystery gut issue to sew very much, but like everyone else with a sewing machine these days, I’ve sewn some masks.

day job

I’ve been busy. Sometimes I’ve even been getting paid to be busy. Still behind on scanning, though.

Other stuff

I’m still dealing with some mysterious health stuff and no closer to a diagnosis. My medical tests got postponed when infections spiked locally, but I’ll get everything sorted out one day. I hope.

(Updated 6 August 2020.)