What I’m doing now


Infections are spiking all over the country. Time to stop pretending this pandemic is over, people. Just stay home. Cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas. We already did. This is likely to be far worse than the spring.


I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo after all. I even started a brand new project, although I did less prep than I normally do. I have less firm direction than I like to start with, but I have a good amount of enthusiasm. (Which will wear off in a week, and then where will we be? Still plunking out words, I hope.)


I will be focused on writing this month, so all sewing is on hold for the moment.

day job

I need to get end-of-year estimates out to a couple of clients and do a ton of catch-up data entry on another one. I can’t tell the clients, “Hey, I need to write 50,000 words this month, so I can’t really get your financial statements done. Sorry!” I mean, I guess I could. But I probably wouldn’t retain those clients.

Other stuff

My gut meds are helping (thank goodness), though I’m still waiting on the next medical test. I can only make medical progress at a Kafka-esque pace, it seems. I’m severely anxious about the election, all holidays are canceled (as I mentioned above), I’m spending too much money on clothes…but at least we’ve had some really fine autumn weather.

(Updated 2 November 2020.)