What I’m doing now


Dude, I don’t even f###ing know anymore. It feels like the pandemic is ending not in fact but in exhaustion. Like, no one cares anymore and they’re just prepared to accept a new level of unnecessary deaths as the cost of “getting back to normal.”


A Little Better” is on hiatus until late September, but “Bombastic Frippery” is going out on its regular (erratic) schedule. I’m hoping to finish up a writing course I started a couple of years ago before November, after which I hope to return to one of my fiction projects.


I haven’t been sewing at all lately.

day job

Due to a wretched covid infection and a two-week internet outage, I’m swimming in backlogged work. I have no idea when I’ll properly catch up.

Other stuff

Rehearsals begin in September for the Revels Houston holiday show, so keep your fingers crossed that we don’t get an even worse variant in the fall and that we manage to do a proper stage show for the first time since 2019!

(Updated 24 August 2022.)