Sarah L. Crowder

Writer, Performer, Sewist, Bookkeeper

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Hello, I’m Sarah L. Crowder. I’m a writer and performer with a day job in accounting.

Sarah L. Crowder grew up in rural Missouri but has lived in Houston, Texas, most of her life. She has written stage plays no one has seen, short stories with an audience in the tens, and three first-draft novels that may become readable with intensive revision. She has hosted poetry readings, self-published a chapbook called “The Turnip Made Me Do It,” and long ago had an essay featured in a writing handbook for college students. She is also an actor and singer. “In the City,” a radio theatre piece she wrote and starred in, was a finalist for the Golden Reel Award and received a Special Merit Award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters. More recently, she has performed with Revels Houston every holiday season since 2018.

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