Author: Sarah L. Crowder

  • OOPS! All Recommendations

    I’ve read several bangers recently, so my dry spell is officially over! In fact, I wanted to recommend so many things this time that I realized I couldn’t add anything else. I may have questionable taste, but I sure enjoy telling people all about things I like. Isn’t that what the internet is literally for?… Continue reading

  • Was Shakespeare wrong about names and roses?

    I’m terrible at naming things. I’m not merely being hard on myself; I have a lot of proof. I truly suck at naming stuff, even cats. (My pet cats have been named Nigel and Jane, like the offspring of a timid vicar’s daughter in rural Derbyshire.) My last two newsletters were called “Exquisite Ephemera” and… Continue reading

  • Revisiting My Semiannual Seasonal Freak Out

    It’s been a minute since I talked about clothes, so we’re gonna talk about clothes today. (Sorry not sorry!) I managed to mitigate my seasonal freak out last autumn by applying the lessons I learned the previous spring. I didn’t do any panic shopping (a true victory), and although I had days where I felt… Continue reading